Internal Corporate Communications

The Gazprom Neft internal communications system is a tool that is used to improve the performance efficiency of the Company’s employees by creating an open communication space as well as opportunities to demonstrate initiative and maintain a dialogue between employees at all levels.

The communication process within the Company is comprised of three stages — informing employees, engagement and feedback. A wide range of tools are used for this — both traditional ones such as a corporate newspaper, magazine or meetings of management with teams as well as tools adapted to specific enterprises such as internal portals, television panel systems, online radio and discussion platforms, including forums, conferences and roundtables. Given the Company’s introduction of a functional management model in 2014, the need for horizontal communication as part of a single function between the employees of different enterprises became relevant. For this purpose, electronic communication platforms were set up as part of the existing corporate intranet portal along with the development of content and moderation methods.

Special attention is devoted to the involvement of employees in the formation of content for corporate media. To this end, the Company actively resorts to the use of interactive tools such as discussions, competitions and involving employees as authors.

Each employee has the opportunity to convey his/her opinion to management or propose ideas for improving the efficiency of production processes. For these purposes, the Company offers tools such as a hotline, special “questions for management” and “I have an idea” columns on the intranet portal and feedback boxes for employees who do not have computer access.

10,000 employees
of Gazprom Neft took part in the annual study of the socio-psychological climate within the Company in 2014

A key feedback tool is the annual study of the socio-psychological climate within the Company, which covers all Company assets. In 2014, more than 10,000 Gazprom Neft employees took part in the study. In surveys, interviews and focus groups, employees were given the opportunity to express their opinions on a wide range of issues concerning key aspects of their employment, starting with the organisation of labour and an assessment of the motivation system and ending with opportunities for development and the effectiveness of social programmes. Indices displaying employee engagement are prepared separately. The data obtained in the study serves as the foundation for planning activities in an area of personnel management or communication and becomes the basis for the adoption of management decisions.