Exploration and Production Unit

Electricity costs make up a large portion of the operating expenses of oil producing enterprises. Therefore, energy efficiency and cost optimisation are among the priority objectives of the Exploration and Production Unit enterprises. Energy conservation measures carried out by the Exploration and Production Unit enterprises aim to reduce the proportion of power consumption in the overall cost structure for output

A key energy efficiency indicator at Exploration and Production Unit enterprises is the specific consumption of electricity for the production of liquid hydrocarbons. In 2012–2014, there have been positive dynamics in the reduction of specific electricity consumption at the Exploration and Production enterprises Unit. In 2014, the decrease amounted to 0.2% of the 2013 level.

In 2014, more than 70 energy conservation measures were implemented. the most significant measures included:

  • the import substitution of electric centrifugal pumps
  • the introduction of permanent magnet motors
  • the optimisation of submersible equipment modes
  • the optimisation of pump operations at cluster and booster pump stations and initial water separation units
  • the decommissioning of unprofitable wells
  • a reduction in power losses in networks

decrease in specific electricity consumption at the enterprises of the Exploration and Production Unit in 2014

Specific electricity consumption for the production of liquid hydrocarbons by the Exploration and Production Unit, kWh/t
Purchased energy: Oil Exploration and Production Unit
Energy resources supplied based on supply contracts (purchase and sale) Measurement units 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Purchased electricity (minus electricity transferred to third parties) 1,000 MWh 4,886.4 4,578.0 4,902.2 5,179.8 5,183.4
Purchased thermal energy (minus electricity transferred to third parties) GJ 111,738 85,913 122,059 132,406 129,902