Sustainable Development

The sustainable development strategy is part of the Company’s long-term strategy

Foundation for growth

When setting its global goals, Gazprom Neft seeks to ensure a balance of interests between social responsibly and business development, high growth rates and environmental protection.

Sustainable development is part of the Company’s long-term strategy. When setting its global goals, Gazprom Neft seeks to ensure a balance of interests between social responsibility and business development, high growth rates and environmental protection.

One of the Company’s top priorities is organising safe production as well as occupational safety and health protection. Gazprom Neft is committed to minimising the negative environmental impact of oil production and oil refining, to ensuring that products have improved economic characteristics and to utilising natural resources in the most conscientious manner possible.

In establishing a base for future growth, the Company invests in the development of human resource potential while establishing a system of professional development for employees and programmes for their social support.

Gazprom Neft socially responsible activities in the regions focus on improving the quality of life of the population and supporting sustainable development in the territory of the regions of the Company’s operations. These objectives are to be furthered and realized by the Company’s “Hometowns” social investment programme which is being implemented with active cooperation between the Company, government authorities and local communities.

When implementing its sustainable development strategy, Gazprom Neft relies on interaction with a wide range of concerned parties and views them as strategic partners in the resolution of economic, environmental and social objectives.

In this section, the Company presents programmes and the main results in matters of sustainable development. More detailed information is given in the Report of OJSC Gazprom Neft on sustainable development for 2014.

Improving occupational safety levels and reducing the risk of negative effects on the environment are strategic goals for Gazprom Neft. The Company is committed to becoming one of the leading global oil companies in terms of industrial, environmental and occupational safety and is continuously improving its activities in these areas. Gazprom Neft is guided in its work by the requirements of Russian legislation and international standards in industrial, environmental and occupational safety as well as social responsibility as a corporate citizen.
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Energy Efficiency

An active energy conservation policy is one of the strategic priorities of Gazprom Neft. The Company actively works on improving energy efficiency and optimising the use of energy resources and has begun the introduction of a systematic approach to meeting energy conservation and energy efficiency objectives at its enterprises.
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Employees are the Company’s greatest asset and the key to successfully achieving its strategic objectives. Gazprom Neft provides its employees with a competitive salary and benefits as well as opportunities for professional and career growth. The Company continuously makes improvements to its human resource development and social support programmes.
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The Gazprom Neft internal communications system is a tool that is used to improve the performance efficiency of the Company’s employees by creating an open communication space as well as opportunities to demonstrate initiative and maintain a dialogue between employees at all levels.
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In 2014, Gazprom Neft continued active cooperation with public interest groups based on the principles of dialogue and partnership.
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Gazprom Neft is a responsible partner of government authorities and local communities in addressing the problems of socioeconomic development facing the regions in which the Company operates.
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