Innovations in hydrocarbon production

The development of the Gazprom Neft technological strategy in exploration and production was completed in 2014. Technological challenges have been identified, as have solutions for overcoming them. In order to ensure the effective implementation of the strategy, each core subdivision of the Exploration and Production Unit has allocated employees who are responsible for technological development in a specific area, including geological exploration work, production at current fields, new production, natural gas and energy projects.

Innovations introduced in hydrocarbon production
Area Key achievements
HYDRAULIC FRACTURING OPERATIONS AT FIELDS WITH UNCONVENTIONAL HYDROCARBON RESERVES The first horizontal well was drilled to study the unconventional reserves of the Palyanovskaya area of the Krasnoleninskoye field and hydraulic fracturing was performed — the first such operation for Gazprom Neft at fields with unconventional hydrocarbon reserves.
INJECTION OF ASP MIXTURE INTO FORMATION AS PART OF PROJECT TO DEVELOP SODIUM CARBONATE SURFACTANT POLYMER FLOODING Completion of drilling works for wells as part of a pilot project using chemical flooding based on the ternary ASP mixture (sodium carbonate, surfactant and polymer) at the Salym group of fields. Neccessary equipment to inject the mixture into the formation was delivered.
The pilot injection of ternary ASP mixture planned for the second half of 2015 has begun at the Salym group of fields. After injection is completed, analysis will be conducted of the technology’s effectiveness and an assessment will be made of the feasibility of commercial introduction. The sodium carbonate, surfactant and polymer flooding technology is expected to be widely used at the fields of Western Siberia. The potential for growth in the oil recovery rate with this technology ranges from 8% to 25%.
DRILLING OF EXTRA-LONG HORIZONTAL WELLS For the first time in Russia, an oil well has been drilled on the Yamal Peninsula with a horizontal shaft of more than 1,500 m in length and an overall length of roughly 4,200 m. In addition, 91% of the horizontal section is located in the oil-bearing formation of the Novoportovskoye field, which features a high level of rock permeability and makes it possible to obtain flows without using hydraulic fracturing.
INTRODUCTION OF WIRELESS SEISMIC TECHNOLOGY IN RUSSIA The first seismic analysis project using innovative wireless seismic technology was implemented in Russia. This technology decreases the required amount of logging by 50% compared with conventional seismic exploration technologies. The results of the pilot project suggest that using the new method on an area of 400 km2 can save approximately 200 hectares of forest or roughly 60,000 trees.
INTRODUCTION OF ELECTRICAL EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY Field electrical exploration work completed on an area of 600 km2 at the Tympuchikano-Vakunaysky block. Thus, the world’s largest project involving electrical exploration using near-field transient electromagnetic sounding (NTES) has been implemented in terms of physical NTES points (over 7,600), the number of transmission loops, the volume of data obtained and project implementation time.
OPERATION OF GEOMATE INFORMATION SYSTEM The Company has introduced its own innovation — the GeoMate information system. One of the system’s features is the ability to use advanced approaches when analysing geological field data. The information platform’s built-in algorithmic tool takes into account the effect on the development of more than 200 geological parameters. GeoMate consolidates roughly 80% of the operations required to analyse geological and geophysical information: seismic data, cards, well study results, cores and more. Access to the unified information environment provides employees of various Gazprom Neft subdivisions with the ability to quickly study all available indicators in order to build models of the fields as well as identify and detailing promising zones and formations. The thorough and comprehensive study of geological information helps geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and specialists from other areas to adopt integrated solutions for the study and development of fields based on a wide range of data. Establishing its own software product has made it possible to avoid using imported analogues.