Gas engine fuels (lpg, cng)

In recent times, the environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness of transportation has become a much greater social issue and particularly important for municipal and commercial transportation in large cities. This makes these segments a pillar and an example for the widespread use of this type of fuel. Gazprom Neft has responded by paying close attention to developing sales of gas engine fuels, in particular LPG and CNG.

In Russia, the consumption of LPG and CNG within the motor fuel structure does not exceed 3%. Liquefied gas has withnessed the most development as a motor fuel and accounts for 2.4% of all fuel consumption. CNG consumption accounts for only 0.4%.

In 2014, there were a total of 143 vehicle filling stations (VFS) under the Gazprom Neft brand within multi-fuel filling complexes. A total of 10,000 tonnes of CNG and 98,000 tonnes of LPG were sold in 2014, up 6% cumulatively from 2013.

Sales of CNG and LPG, 2012–2014