Operating Results

Efficiency — a Guarantee for Strong Operating Results

Leading Positions

Gazprom Neft has demonstrated strong growth rates in all business segments and taken on a leading position in the industry.

Results in 2014:

The strategy of Gazprom Neft provides for growth in the Company’s production with the reserve life remaining at a high level. For this we will not only compensate production each year, but also increase our resource base. Gazprom Neft is steadily moving towards its goal and demonstrating strong growth in its reserves each year.
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Sale of Oil and Petroleum Products

Gazprom Neft sells oil and petroleum products in bulk in Russia and abroad. Small-scale wholesale and retail sales, including via the Company’s filling stations, are handled by sales subsidiaries.
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In its long-term development strategy, Gazprom Neft presumes that one of the key factors for competitiveness is the maximum efficiency and adaptability of business.
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One of the fundamental activities for Gazprom Neft as a VIOC is the refining of oil and the manufacturing of petroleum products. Gazprom Neft produces a wide range of oil refining and petrochemical products.
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