Лидер эффективности

in efficiency

Based on the results of 2014, the Company established itself as a leader in a number of areas on the Russian market. Leading analysts concurred that Gazprom Neft has great potential to increase its value in the long term.

Future growth

The Company owns one of the biggest portfolio of new projects in production in the Russian Federation. Its development will ensure achievement of strategic goals by Gazprom Neft in future. The following regions may be emphasized as centers of future growth: Northern part of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Eastern Siberia, the Arctic shelf, as well as development of unconventional reserves in Western Siberia. In 2014, the portfolio of new projects was expanded thanks to increased ownership stake in LLC SeverEnergia, CJSC Northgas as well as consolidation of LLC Gazprom Neft Shelf.

of declared strategy

  • Growth in production volume at
    West Siberian fields.
  • First shipment of oil produced at
    Prirazlomnoye field.
  • First summer shipment of Novy Port oil by marine tanker fleet.
  • Start of commercial operations at Badra field.

for investors

According to leading analysts from major investment companies, Gazprom Neft is one of the best companies in terms of its current position and potential for development within the Russian oil and gas industry compared with its competitors. The Company trades at a substantial discount versus its analogues in terms of P/E and EV/EBITDA.

Performance indicators:
  • 0,92 % growth in oil production at fields
    of West Siberia
  • 6,41 % growth in hydrocarbon production
  • 575,72 RUB/BOE EBIT per BOE of oil produced
Expansion of portfolio of new projects:
  • 45,1 % effective stake in LLC SeverEnergia
  • 9,1 % effective stake in CJSC Northgas
  • 100 % consolidation of LLC Gazprom Neft Shelf
Performance indicators:
  • 40,5 % growth in oil production at Karamovskoye,
    Novogodneye, Kholmistoye and Yaraynerskoye fields
  • 300 000t volume of oil shipped from Prirazlomnoye field
  • 100 000t volume of oil shipped from
    Novoportovskoye field
Investment appeal indicators:
  • 5,53 Ratio of the Company’s market capitalisation versus
    annual earnings (P/E)
  • 3,23 Ratio of Company’s value versus
    earnings before taxes (EV/EBITDA)
  • 6,7 % Dividend yield
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